Meriasek’s Rock

On Wednesday 3rd August 2022 members of Agan Tavas and others visited Reens Rock near Troon. This is thought to be the place imagined in the play Bewnans Meryasek where Meryasek hid himself from the evil tyrant Teudar. The relevant extract from the play was read out in Cornish and English by some of those […]

Christmas Lunch 2021

Kyn ve agan nyver le an vledhen ma, awos bos Covid heb mar, Prys Ly Nadelek dhe’n Tavern Pons Resulyan a ve mar lowen avel usyes. An bos o da dres ehen del yw gwaytyas lemmyn hag y whrussyn gorfenna an dohajeth gans nebes canow Nadelek dhyworth an lyver gorrys warbarth gans Hilary Shaw us […]

Language classes start in Camborne

The Camborne Cornish Language Fellowship will be starting classes at Centenary Methodist Church for beginners and more advanced on Thursday 10th September time 7.00pm. We aim to teach Cornish in a friendly atmosphere, at the same time teaching about the meaning of Cornish place-names and surnames and the history of the language and its revival. […]

Midsummer Bonfire Online

Midsummer Bonfire

Midsummer Bonfire Online Every year, on St John’s Eve (23rd June) the Cornish have celebrated midsummer with bonfires. Because the fires were postponed until we could be together again, Agan Tavas and the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies hosted a virtual bonfire on the 23rd June as part of Speak Cornish Week. Everyone could share […]

Dedh Tregedna

Everone who came agreed that the Tregedna type day organised by Agan Tavas was a great success. About 20 people altogether came and were engaged in various activities all through the medium of Cornish. The Art demonstration given by Jan Lobb was very challenging with variable results. This was followed by a cheese tasting competition […]

Games Evening

On Friday 25th October we are holding a board games evening, all welcome. Play Scrabble, Cluedo, Mouse Trap and many more including simple games like Snakes and Ladders for beginners. Venue: The Liberal Party Hall, Vivian Street, Camborne. Time: 7.00pm, £2.00 on the door, tea and light refreshments.

Agan Tavas wins award at Holyer an Gof

On Wednesday 10th July 2019 at the Holyer an Gof ceremony held at the RIC Truro the Agan Tavas publication Bewnans Meryasek won the award for its class ‘Cornish for Adults’. Secretary Ray Chubb, who accepted the award, thanked all those who had helped with the publication of the book and he explained that the […]

Cheques in Cornish

In early February 2019, Agan Tavas had a problem paying cheques into its own branch of Lloyds Bank plc because the cheques were written in Cornish only. The matter was taken up with the bank’s complaints department. There seems to be no problem with other banks in Cornwall and further afield in England. Those wishing […]

Indoor Games Evening

Agan Tavas will be holding an indoor games evening on Friday 28th September at the The Old School Centre Illogan from 7.00pm onwards. A chance to try your hand at playing Scrabble and or Boggle  and other games devised by members, through the medium of Cornish. If you are only a beginner in the language, […]

Cornish Giants explained in Cornish

As part of Speak Cornish Week, Agan Tavas arranged a lecture from Cornish historian Matt Blewett which touched on the link between folk tales about giants and the archaeology of West Cornwall. Matt gave the entire lecture, which was lengthy, in Cornish and fielded questions on the subject from fluent speakers in the audience.

Day Out to Mullion

Mullion Cornish class and Agan Tavas members got together on 2nd June for a day out in Mullion. After a pub lunch we explored the church and this was followed by a treasure trail of the village. A local bus was used to get to Mullion, a chance for the public to hear Cornish. The returning […]

Cornish Mining History in Cornish!

On 10th November at Murdoch House, Redruth Agan Tavas member Ian Jackson gave a talk in Cornish on the mining history of the countryside around Carnkie. Ian, who is a scholar of languages rather than mining history, had obviously carried out a great deal of research on the subject. This made his talk very interesting and […]

A new look for An Gowsva

The Agan Tavas house magazine ‘An Gowsva’ has a new look. Thanks to the professional efforts of member Nigel Roberts An Gowsva has been given a whole new look which can proudly stand alongside many other high circulation publications of a similar type. Remember that you will receive three to four copies per year of […]

Another Talk at Murdoch House

As part of a series Agan Tavas held a further lecture at Murdoch House, Redruth. It was the 1st April and a time of mockery. So, John Rowe of the University of Plymouth gave a talk on Cornish political cartoons between 1970 and 2015. His talk was very interesting showing simple but amusing cartoons of […]

Annual General Meeting 2017

Prior to our Annual General Meeting held on 18th February at Murdoch House, Redruth there was a presentation of the literary award Pewas Perghyryn. This year it was awarded posthumously to Eddie Climo for his translation of Rip Van Winkle. The picture shows Eddie’s brother Laurie receiving the prize. The newly elected officers of Agan […]

Deth yn mes

There was a good attendance for the Agan Tavas Day Out in the St Keverne area. The visit to the church was very interesting. The place has a lot of history, part of it explained in the hand out leaflet in Cornish but more was explained by the church warden. Lunch in the White Hart […]

Cuntellyans Kemyn Bledhennek

At the Annual General Meeting of Agan Tavas was the presentation of the ‘Pewas Perghyryn’ award. There are details of the award on this web site. The winner this year was Rod Lyon for his book ‘To the Edges of the Galaxy’. This a science fiction story of the Star Trek genre except that there is new […]

Deth an Yeth 2015

On Saturday 31st October Agan Tavas held a Language Day in Helston. The photograph above shows some of the people who came, outside of the old prison. In the morning there was a walk around the town with guidance in Cornish, without much help in English! This was followed by lunch in the Bell Inn. […]