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The Internet has many useful resources to do with the Cornish language. Using them, you can learn Cornish, listen to it, watch movies in it, and read much of its literature, without ever leaving the house. With the right (free!) software, you can even video-chat with friends over the Internet : how futuristic is that!

Here are links to some good places to find resources.

(Please note that Agan Tavas is not responsible for the content of external web sites. Please let us know however if any of the links on this page no longer work, so we can correct them.)

An Gernewegva

This offers a large, expanding archive of audio podcasts, links to YouTube videos (in Cornish!), a 3-part Science Fiction drama, a discussion forum, and lots more.

Pellwolok an Gernewegva

A Cornish language television channel with monthly news bulletins.

Lyverva hep Cost

These files contain an extensive list of on-line resources, compiled in 2008 by Eddie Climo. The links have been checked and updated where possible by the Agan Tavas webmaster.  If you do find ‘dead’ links, please note that these may still be available through the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive (see below).

Cornwall Council – Cornish Language Office

Home of the Cornish Language Partnership, which oversees the Standard Written Form (SWF) project. An extensive site full of information, news, downloadable resources, links and so on.

The Camborne Cornish Language Fellowship

Exists to promote and teach Cornish in the Camborne area.

The Newlyn Class

A Class teaching through the medium of Standard Cornish /Kernewek Standard

Gorsedh Kernow

The Cornish Gorsedh exists to promote the culture of Cornwall including the Cornish language. It organises annual competitions including prizes for work in Cornish. Any spelling may be used.

The Celtic Congress – Cornish Branch

The International Celtic Congress is an educational and cultural organisation whose aims are to perpetuate the ideals, cultures and languages of the Celtic peoples. It has an annual meeting which takes place in each of the six countries in rotation.

Spyrys a Gernow

Spyrys a Gernow is a Cornish language publishing and book supply company.

They supply books in Cornish and other language related items. Their aim is to be a source of mostly literature in Cornish for those who prefer to read and write Cornish in forms based firmly on the historical texts.

Project Gutenberg

Another large archive of books, with a few of Cornish interest, including Henry Jenner’s ‘Handbook of the Cornish Language’.

The Internet Archive

A huge archive of out-of-copyright materials — movies, texts, music, audio etc. They even have an archive of web sites (The Wayback Machine), some of them no longer online on the Web; this may contain some Cornish resources that have vanished from the Web itself. The Texts archive has most of the historical corpus of Cornish literature, which you can find with obvious searches for ‘Cornish’, ‘Cornwall’, ‘Kernewek’ and the like.


The well-known video site has a number of Cornish film clips; search for ‘Kernewek’ or ‘Cornish language’. Agan Tavas also has its own channel. See:

Internet Chat

With a broadband internet connection, you can use your computer to chat with friends and colleagues, either in text, audio or video. The latter two need a microphone and a web camera, of course. The software is free, and runs on both Macintosh and Windows computers. Some of the main programs used are detailed below, and you’ll need to create a free account with either of them to use the service.


Internet chat for free, and free/cheap normal phone calls world-wide.

Gwask an Orlewen

Cornish publisher.

Penzance Conservation

A blog about preserving books and documents for the future.

Agan Tavas on Facebook:

Search for Agan Tavas

Peter Pool

A website dedicated to the memory and work of the late Peter Pool.

The Last Native Speakers of Cornish?

Follow this link

Cornish to Listen to:

Nicholas Williams reading a number of his articles.


When I was younger, I, like all children was taught about our traditions,  including Halloween, a very different affair from today’s American television influenced commercial rubbish. We were  taught about Anown the home of the fairies and spirits and how close it came to our world at Halloween and how they travelled between worlds and tried to take people back to their world. Well I wrote a story for my students many years ago and it was quite descriptive, and with the help of Craig Weatherhill’s legacy to Agan Tavas, we have successfully animated the story which is now published on our website…enjoy. Here is the link: https:  //

By Clive Baker

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