Sylvester and the Dragon

After the 1497 uprising, Bewnans Meriasek was written around AD1500 and no doubt performed around then and it is evidence of Cornish resentment towards the Tudor government. Bewnans Meriasek has been seen as “very much a standard late medieval vita”, although “written in the Cornish language and focused upon the district of Camborne, celebrating a […]

Two leaders of the uprising – Ralph Retallack and Thomas Polgrene

Of both Ralph Retallack and Thomas Polgrene (Polgreen), of St Columb and Polgreen (most likely Polgreen Manor near Polgooth) respectively, very little is known apart from their part in the rebellions of 1497, and their signatures to the petition against the unfair taxation (Rowse 1943, Payton 1996) Both had their lands, titles, liberties and property […]

Midsummer Bonfire Online

Midsummer Bonfire

Midsummer Bonfire Online Every year, on St John’s Eve (23rd June) the Cornish have celebrated midsummer with bonfires. Because the fires were postponed until we could be together again, Agan Tavas and the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies hosted a virtual bonfire on the 23rd June as part of Speak Cornish Week. Everyone could share […]