Dedh Tregedna

Everone who came agreed that the Tregedna type day organised by Agan Tavas was a great success. About 20 people altogether came and were engaged in various activities all through the medium of Cornish. The Art demonstration given by Jan Lobb was very challenging with variable results. This was followed by a cheese tasting competition which everyone agreed was something completely different. The day finished off with shanty singing and Bro Goth.

The pattern has now been set for similar days or weekends.

To get a full visual report on the day go to:

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3 Replies to “Dedh Tregedna”

  1. Delia Brotherton says:

    Marthus yw an dydhyow na ha ri meur a weres gans Kernewek. Nyns yns y kepar ha class ha moy ages yeth an werin yns, martesen kepar ha dydh gans teylu, ow cul hag ow clappya adro taclow kemmyn. Gwary teg yn gwir! / These days are marvellous and help a lot with Cornish. They are not like a class and are more than a yeth an werin, perhaps like a day with the family, doing and chatting about ordinary things. Great fun indeed!

  2. Audrey Metcalfe says:

    Tybyans da, dhe les dhymm yw.

    1. Ray Chubb says:

      A vynnyn ny dha weles ena, Audrey?

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