Meriasek’s Rock

On Wednesday 3rd August 2022 members of Agan Tavas and others visited Reens Rock near Troon. This is thought to be the place imagined in the play Bewnans Meryasek where Meryasek hid himself from the evil tyrant Teudar. The relevant extract from the play was read out in Cornish and English by some of those […]

Christmas Lunch 2021

Kyn ve agan nyver le an vledhen ma, awos bos Covid heb mar, Prys Ly Nadelek dhe’n Tavern Pons Resulyan a ve mar lowen avel usyes. An bos o da dres ehen del yw gwaytyas lemmyn hag y whrussyn gorfenna an dohajeth gans nebes canow Nadelek dhyworth an lyver gorrys warbarth gans Hilary Shaw us […]

Passing of a Great Cornishman

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of our former Chairman and honorary life member Craig Weatherhill. Craig had been suffering from poor health for a few years but in spite of this he continued with his work and research and his publications. His death will be a great loss […]

Dedh Tregedna

Everone who came agreed that the Tregedna type day organised by Agan Tavas was a great success. About 20 people altogether came and were engaged in various activities all through the medium of Cornish. The Art demonstration given by Jan Lobb was very challenging with variable results. This was followed by a cheese tasting competition […]

Cheques in Cornish

In early February 2019, Agan Tavas had a problem paying cheques into its own branch of Lloyds Bank plc because the cheques were written in Cornish only. The matter was taken up with the bank’s complaints department. There seems to be no problem with other banks in Cornwall and further afield in England. Those wishing […]