Membership Enquiries

Thinking of joining Agan Tavas, want to learn Cornish or become a supporter?

Want to contribute to the protection of our traditional language so that future generations may continue to enjoy it?

Trying to obtain information, materials or publications?

Contact Ray Chubb on +44 (0)1209-842394 or e-mail: [email protected] or print out and send in our membership application form  here.

Govenygyon Eseleth

Esough why ow predery tuchya omjunnya yn Agan Tavas po whans dhe dhysky Kernewek po ken dos ha bos scodhyer?

Ues genough whans dhe weres adro gwytha agan yeth hengovek may halla denythyansow an termyn a dhe pesya omlowenhe ynny?

Esough why owth assaya cafos po kedhlow po dafar po dyllansow?

Kestava gans: Ray Chubb dhe +44 (0)1209-842394 po ken danvonneugh ryv-bost [email protected] po ken pryntyeugh ha danvonneugh agan form omrolya omma.