Carrek Veryasek

De Mergher 3sa mys Est esyly Agan Tavas ha re erel a wrug vysytya an garrek orth An Ryn ogas dhe Drewoon. Yth yw sopposyes bos an garrek ma y’n brys an scryfer Bewnans Meryasek pan wrug Meryasek omgely dhyworth an debel duront Tudar y hanow. Nebes persons dhyworth an re ena a redyas an […]

Prys Ly Nadelek 2021

Kyn ve agan nyver le an vledhen ma, awos bos Covid heb mar, Prys Ly Nadelek dhe’n Tavern Pons Resulyan a ve mar lowen avel usyes. An bos o da dres ehen del yw gwaytyas lemmyn hag y whrussyn gorfenna an dohajeth gans nebes canow Nadelek dhyworth an lyver gorrys warbarth gans Hilary Shaw us […]

Dedh Tregedna

Pub huny a dheth dhe’n jeth Tregedna restrys gans Agan Tavas a ve unverhes y vos sowena bras. Ugans person ogasty a dheth ha synsys ens y yn gwryansow dyvers oll gans defnyth Kernowek . An dysquedhyans art res gans Jan Lobb a ve chalynj bras gans sewyansow dyvers. Sewyes a ve hemma gans tastyans […]

Games Evening

On Friday 25th October we are holding a board games evening, all welcome. Play Scrabble, Cluedo, Mouse Trap and many more including simple games like Snakes and Ladders for beginners. Venue: The Liberal Party Hall, Vivian Street, Camborne. Time: 7.00pm, £2.00 on the door, tea and light refreshments.

Kescows Nebes Moy

Kescows Nebes Moy gans Ian Jackson Publisher: Agan Tavas This is a follow on dictionary from Gerlyver Kescows but with words allocated to categories of use. For example Agriculture, Emotion, Finance/Economics and many, many more. Ian has ensured that the 5000 additional words to be found in this dictionary are not repetition of those found […]

Gorthewer Gwaryow a Jy

Y fyth Agan Tavas ow synsy gorthewer gwaryow a jy dhe’n Gresen Scol Goth, Eglos Hallow. An jeth a vyth de Gwener 28ves mys Gwyngala dalleth 7.00wh. Y fyth gwaryow an par ha Scrabble ha Boggle ha gwaryow erel devysyes gans esyly Agan Tavas oll dhe wary yn Kernowek. Rag dallathoryon y fyth gwaryow sempella […]

Deth yn mes dhe Eglos Melan

Esyly class Kernowek Eglos Melan hag Agan Tavas a dheth warbarth 2sa Metheven rag deth yn mes yn Eglos Melan. Wosa prys ly yn tavern ny a wrug dyskyvera an eglos ha gul lergh tresor adro dhe’n dreveglos. Bus an randyr a ve usyes rag mos dhe Eglos Melan, chons dhe’n dremenysy clowes Kernowek. Yth […]