Agan Tavas caps

Agan Tavas baseball cap. Cornish words or Agan Tavas                   £5.00

Black KERNOW BYS VYKEN.                                                                 £6.00

Other slogans to order                                                                             £7.50

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4 Replies to “Caps”

  1. Rod Toms says:

    Where will the stall be on Trevithick Day?

    1. Ray Chubb says:

      Cowethas an Yeth Kernewek Cambron stall is green and yellow and will be on North side of Trelowarren St. opposite Warren’s bakery.

  2. 1trying to see how to buy one?

    1. Ray Chubb says:

      Here is the link to our order form or see you on Saturday at Trevithick Day.

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