Two leaders of the uprising – Ralph Retallack and Thomas Polgrene

Glebe House, St Columb
Chy Glebe a Golumb

Of both Ralph Retallack and Thomas Polgrene (Polgreen), of St Columb and Polgreen (most likely Polgreen Manor near Polgooth) respectively, very little is known apart from their part in the rebellions of 1497, and their signatures to the petition against the unfair taxation (Rowse 1943, Payton 1996)

Both had their lands, titles, liberties and property confiscated by Henry VII, following being convicted of high treason and banished from the realm on 22nd June 1497 (the date given as when the acts of treason took place).

Parliamentary records of the time also mention both as being implicated in the ‘treasonous acts of Warbeck’ (Parliamentary records 7th Sept 1497)

Despite this, Polgreen’s lands and titles were returned in the ‘reversal of attainder’ of 1506 following payment of an unknown amount (Arthurson et al 1987, Payton 1996). Of Retallack, there is no further mention.

Written by Craig Truscott and Maria Robins, translated by Ray Chubb, and filmed by Tony Kalber

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