Performance of Sylvester and the Dragon

Members of Agan Tavas recently performed a play within a play from Bewnans Meryasek, (The Life of Meriasek). This was the part about Pope Sylvester driving away a dragon which was terrorising the population around Rome. The performance took place in The St Ives Arts Club as part of the St Ives Literary Festival.  The performance and explanation about the Cornish language miracle plays was well received by the audience.

Parts in order of appearance were played as follows:

1st Duke – Denise Chubb

2nd Duke and St Peter – Kyle Odgers

Huntsman, Messenger and Chaplin- Gavin Hosking

Dragon – Tony Kalber

Bishop of Poly (pagan) and voice of Jesus in heaven – Matt Blewett

Crozier bearer and Emperour Constantine – Phillip Nile

Pope Sylvester – Ray Chubb

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