Kescows Nebes Moy

Kescows Nebes Moy gans Ian Jackson Publisher: Agan Tavas This is a follow on dictionary from Gerlyver Kescows but with words allocated to categories of use. For example Agriculture, Emotion, Finance/Economics and many, many more. Ian has ensured that the 5000 additional words to be found in this dictionary are not repetition of those found […]

GERYOW GWIR gans Nicholas Williams

Publisher: Evertype Nicholas Williams has examined the vocabulary of revived Cornish and found a number of usages which are inauthentic when compared to the historical texts upon which the revival is based. In this book he provides examples which are an aid to improving the quality of Cornish spoken today.  KS 978-1-78201-030-0       […]


PUBLISHER: Agan Tavas A  course book for the Standard Written Form with traditional graphs.  A friendly illustrated course book which teaches the language in a ‘can do’ way. 978-1-901409-12-3 Adults Edition  SWF (t)  £8.95 Now available – a CD to accompany Skeul an Tavas with pronunciation of all the Cornish words in the book. £5


PUBLISHER:  y Lolfa This is an informal way to learn Cornish by means of lively and amusing cartoons.  The Cornish acquired will help the student to take part in everyday conversation with ease.  All this for a bargain price!            UC 0 86243 659 1 £4.95


PUBLISHER: Dyllansow Truran This fine book by Rod Lyon & John Pengilly has been written to show the learner the pattern of everyday traditional spoken Cornish.It uses examples from the early revivalists who wrote down what they heard from native speakers of the time. UC 1850220344 £1.60