Bewnans Meryasek – golegys gans Ray Chubb

Dyllor: Agan Tavas

An trueslytherenans ma da dres ehen an versyon 1504 Bewnans Meryasek po ken An Gwary Cambron yw dhe les dhe Gernowegoryon hag an re na heb Kernowek awos y vos dewyethek. Yma ynno skesennow an lywansow parwys y’n eglos Breten Vyan, Meriadec de Stival yn Pontivy. Yth yw kensa dyllans an gwary dyen aban 1872. Gwaynyer yn y glass Holyer an Gof 2019.

ISBN 978-901409-17-8 UC                  £14.95

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  1. […] Although we were working to a fairly strict time schedule of 30 minutes, we still managed to discuss the church, several of its unusual treasures, the range of stained glass windows and the collection of four ancient crosses in and around the church. We finished by talking about St Meriasek and the play about his life, ‘Beunans Meriasek’, which has now been published by Agan Tavas. […]

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