PUBLISHER: Dyllansow Truran Creation of the World is a Cornish Drama written by William Jordon (1611) but almost certainly transcribed from a much earlier manuscript. This version was put into the standard Unified spelling by Morton–Nance and A.S.D. Smith and edited by E.G. Retallack–Hooper. The Cornish has an English translation over leaf. UC 0907566367 £2.45 […]


PUBLISHER: Spyrys a Gernow Translated into Cornish by Nicholas Williams MA, PhD, DipCeltStud. (Golvan). The first complete New Testament in Cornish. Comes complete with maps of the Holy Land and the journeys of St Paul. Nicholas Williams has made much use of scripture extracts from the historical Cornish texts which gives the book a fresh […]


PUBLISHER: Evertype Released in August 2011, this is the first time that the complete Bible has been published in Cornish. Translated into Cornish by Prof. Nicholas Williams MA, PhD, DipCeltStud (Golvan). Contains pages for family history and maps of the Holy Land. Because the translation is by one translator it is a very consistent one. […]

DROLLYS GYS-DONS translated by Eddie Climo

PUBLISHER: Gwask an Orlewen This book contains a number of versions of mummers or Christmas plays found in Cornwall nearly all with a Cornish translation. Not only this, but a number of Christmas and other folk songs again with Cornish translations. Without this book many of the plays would have remained unpublished in archives. It […]